HedgeMark Advisors, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. HedgeMark specializes in supporting institutional clients in the development and operation of their own private hedge fund dedicated managed account platforms. HedgeMark seamlessly handles the set-up, operations and oversight of your DMA platform. Since 2012, we have launched over 170 DMAs for our clients. HedgeMark also provides risk analytics and investment guideline monitoring services to clients including, among others, liquid alternative mutual funds and UCITs funds. 

HedgeMark’s DMA and risk reporting businesses have grown significantly and have developed an institutional client base which includes public and private pensions, funds of funds, alternative asset managers, wealth managers, consultants and family office clients. In 2019, HedgeMark became the largest managed account platform in the industry, with over $22 billion in platform assets.