ProFundCom was founded in 2003 by sales, marketing and technology experts in the finance sector to address the issue of tracking email distribution between institutions.
We are now the market leader in the field of financial-sector email marketing, with offices in London, New York and Bangalore. At the heart of what we do is a versatile and powerful software package designed specifically to support sales and marketing for hedge funds and asset managers. The system has been built and refined based on feedback from our clients and specifically addresses the needs of the financial community. 
Features include delivery management to ensure your messages avoid the spam filer and actually reach the right people, as well as the ability to deliver emails with images automatically displayed in the body of the message, with no need for downloading. Our software also includes an advanced tracking capability that reveals a multitude of valuable statistics – these include exactly which emails, web links and attachments have been opened by each recipient, as well as their geographical location and the device they used. This data provides powerful information for future sales campaigns.
We also offer the ProFundCom Appstore, where our customers can access a variety of tools designed to save time and increase the functionality of the platform. These include apps for building microsites, organising schedules, designing event invitations, creating online reports and more.
The ultimate purpose of ProFundCom software is to add value to any business by making email campaigns more effective and profitable. This is backed up by our comprehensive 24/7 customer service.
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Paul Das

Employee title
Founder and Managing Director

Paul Das has been an innovator as well as a business leader in the areas of Financial Technology for the last 15 years. Starting in market data, Paul soon moved to found eMiddleware, a trading platform for options and derivatives that included the London Metal Exchange, London Petroleum Exchange and MG Bank. After eMiddleware was acquired by Oracle Corporation, Paul started Clearview Publishing that delivered news and analysis to wealth managers and private banks. In parallel Paul started ProFundCom as a spin-off from ProFundEx, to provide a secure, compliant and trackable email platform for hedge funds and asset managers.


Kingston University, B Eng. - Electronic and Electrical System Engineering 1 Class Honours with Cadence Design Prize