SHARPE+SIGNA is headquartered in the Los Angeles area with offices in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The Principal Founders of the Firm encompass more than 100 years of Institutional FX Money Management which sets the foundation of the Firm with regards to its disciplined approach to money management.
SHARPE+SIGNA, a boutique absolute return manager specializing in a complete discretionary, technical and fundamental investment strategy in a Global Macro setting that is focused on currencies, both emerging and major markets with disciplined risk management being the foundation of all strategies.
In an FX asset class that is most often deemed most volatile and impulsive, SHARPE+SIGNA has ensured that it evolves with and most importantly adapts to current market conditions in order to control risk and enhance returns by using diverse discretionary strategies in emerging and major markets across various asset classes in conjunction to the FX asset class. Our track record in managing currencies supports our certainty that the experience of our team along with the technical, fundamental and quantitative modeled strategies combined with the market intelligence and awareness gained throughout the years, will continually provide a consistent and superior risk-adjusted performance that can adapt to any market environment.