Titan Capital Group was founded in February 2001 to manage portfolios utilizing volatility trading strategies. With a dedicated and well-known trading team experienced in trading large option portfolios, the firm has a proven track record of delivering superior performance during difficult market environments. The investment process is driven by rigorous quantitative analysis. Titan risk manages through scenario analysis by reviewing both probable and improbable events, always hedging tail risk. Over the Titan’s track record, the firm has never imposed gates on investors and provides complete transparency through weekly performance and risk reports. Titan utilizes liquid, listed products to generate consistent returns over long periods of time that provide additive value to a portfolio.

Russell Abrams

Employee title
Founder and Senior Portfolio Manager

 Russell Abrams is Titan Capital Group’s founder and Senior Portfolio Manager. Russell has extensive experience managing options portfolios as well as trading both index and single stock options in a variety of markets. Prior to forming Titan, Russell was co-head of US Equity Derivative Trading and Convertible Arbitrage at Merrill Lynch from 1997-2000. Russell spent the previous five years working for Bank Paribas and then CS First Boston where he gained significant experience trading derivatives in multiple markets. During 1992 and 1993, Russell worked with Fischer Black researching derivative strategies at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. 


<p>&nbsp;<span style="font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%; ">Russell graduated from Boston University in 1988 with a degree in Computer Science and received his MBA in Finance in 1993 from New York University Stern School of Business.</span></p>