Hedgeweek European Emerging Managers Summit



NEW 2020 Agenda Publish Date:

1st June 2020



2019 Agenda Below

The Hedgeweek Inside the Vortex: Trends and influences shaping the emerging hedge fund space event, sets out to provide a forum for start-up and emerging managers to understand the challenges and opportunities managers have to consider in order to successfully bring a hedge fund to market and survive in what could be seen as one of the most challenging periods so far for the industry.

For any emerging fund manager, getting the numerous initial elements right is essential. All the way from idea inception and structuring of the fund through to launch, these steps can potentially make the difference between success and costly failure. The event will also cover the elements that are required post-launch when running an emerging hedge fund and navigating through what is often considered the most difficult stage of a fund management company’s lifecycle.

Through a series of in-depth panel discussions, presentations and case studies, the event will lay out the main considerations for start-ups and emerging fund managers, from legal structuring and ODD best practices, all the way through to devising an impactful marketing and distribution strategy.

As such, this event should be viewed as an educational tool; one that deconstructs each of the core elements of setting up a hedge fund in today’s complex regulatory and compliance environment, with an additional focus placed on the early years of successfully running a hedge fund management business post-launch.

Event Agenda
Agenda Items
Registration & Coffee
Opening Address
Panel Discussion: Rolling back the years

How should hedge funds evolve and adapt to rekindle their magic?

  • Do hedge funds have an image problem?
  • What does it mean to be a top-decile hedge fund manager - is all about performance, performance, performance?
  • The importance of developing niche strategies to find uncorrelated sources of alpha
  • What influence are AI-driven strategies - both passive and active - having on the markets and is there a risk they might threaten ‘traditional’ hedge fund strategies?
Keynote Presentation
  • Investor allocation trends in alternative UCITS strategies - where is the smart money going?
Panel Discussion: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is gathering momentum as investors recognise the cost benefits to managers but what are some of the pitfalls to avoid?

  • How are managers approaching the outsourcing opportunity set?
  • From outsourced trading to compliance and IT/managed services – what impact has this had on managers’ bottom line?
  • What are the main risks to outsourcing managers should pay heed to?
  • Can outsourcing operations improve the Manager/Investor relationship – and is it re-defining how a hedge fund management company operates today?
Networking Coffee Break
Panel Discussion: A quantum leap

Why are quant funds proving so popular with investors and how best to pick the winners from the fakers?

  • What is driving investor appeal for quant funds in 2019?
  • How is the quant space evolving in terms of trading strategies, research techniques, portfolio construction?
  • ‘Caveat Emptor’ – tactics for investors to employ to spot fakers from the real deal
  • Could increased quant/systematic trading reduce transparency and expose investors to new risks (cyber-related, algo glitches leading to flash crashes, etc)
Keynote Presentation
Panel Discussion: Cloud technology & platform evolution

How are technologists upping their game to bring intelligent automation to hedge funds?

  • What are the most important cloud technology developments taking place right now?
  • Fourth party risk: a way to minimise operational security risk in the cloud
  • Intelligent automation – how might managers leverage this, to make their businesses more efficient?
Networking Lunch
Keynote Presentation
  • Reading the Runes: How should managers approach market volatility as we look ahead?
Panel discussion: The Evolution of the ManCo model

What are the key questions managers should be asking?

  • What are the key factors for emerging managers to consider, when looking to appoint a third party AIFM?
  • Where should I select my AIFM – which jurisdiction works best?
  • How have third party AIFMs made a difference since AIFMD was introduced – and where have they needed to improve?
  • What risks should managers seek to identify at the due diligence stage, before going down the outsourced AIFM route?
  • Will we see AIFM consolidation going forward?
  • How will Brexit impact the use of third party AIFMs by UK-based fund managers?


Keynote Presentation
  • Liquidity management – How to maximise liquidity and reduce risk in a higher volatility regime
Panel discussion: Fundraising Techniques

What creative options are there for emerging managers to explore as they find new ways to secure investor capital?

  • What are primes and third-party marketers doing to get emerging managers in front of new investors? And how are managers setting their expectations with these counterparts to measure success?
  • In what ways are emerging managers exploring other fundraising avenues i.e. social media to promote thought leadership, technology platforms, developing creative fee solutions?
  • What other creative options are out there for PBs and managers alike to explore, to cut through the noise (15,000 hedge funds in the market) and achieve mutually beneficial objectives?
  • Are investors changing the way they allocate and if so, how can managers best respond?
Closing Remarks
Networking Drinks Reception
Event Concludes