Hedgeweek LIVE: Terminal Velocity - How to successfully launch a hedge fund into orbit in 2020



*Event Update*

On 18 June, we're going digital. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Hedgeweek will be moving some of its physical events online, starting with hedgeweekLIVE US on 18 June. Expect an informative, engaging, online version of hedgeweekLIVE Terminal Velocity Summit. Watch this space!


The Hedgeweek LIVE event sets out to provide a forum for delegates to understand each of the critical steps involved to successfully bring a hedge fund to market in what remains the single largest jurisdiction (from an asset raising perspective). For any new US fund manager, getting the planning right at the pre-launch phase can potentially make the difference between success and costly failure.

The event will also cover the elements that are required post-launch when running an emerging hedge fund and navigating through what is often considered the hardest stage of a fund management company’s lifecycle. Through a series of in-depth panel discussions, presentations and case studies, the event will lay out the main considerations for start-ups and emerging fund managers, from legal structuring and ODD best practices, all the way through to devising an impactful marketing and distribution strategy.

As such, this event should be viewed as an educational tool; one that deconstructs each of the core elements of setting up a hedge fund in today’s complex regulatory and compliance environment, with an additional focus placed on the early years of successfully running a hedge fund management business post-launch.

Event Agenda
Agenda Items
Registration & Coffee
Opening Address
Panel Discussion 1: Legal & Fund Structure
  • What are the main offshore structuring considerations for US managers when setting up offshore alternative fund vehicles?​​​​​​
  • Management company considerations – defining the economic interests of the partners
  • Fee structures – how have these changed/evolved in recent years? How have investor attitudes changed?
  • Fee Recent developments and future challenges: the EU-Cayman "Blacklist" ruling and other potential legal headaches for hedge funds
  • Alison Graham, CIO, Voltan Capital
Expert Feature Presentation
  • Maria Jelescu Dreyfus, Founder and CEO, Ardinall Investment Management
Panel Discussion 2: Operational Due Diligence
  • The changing nature of ODD issues for start-up managers
  • Investor expectations? How does ODD play a role in attracting new investors?
  • Building a culture of compliance: the changing role of the CCO / COO?
    Networking Coffee Break
    Panel Discussion 3: Cyber Security & Technology Infrastructure
    • Defining one’s IT/Tech infrastructure – how should a manager ‘right fit’ it based on available budget?
    • Keeping IT services in-houses or using a managed services provider?
    • Front-office considerations: how to connect to brokers and exchanges using the best PMS/OMS/EMS set-up
    • Risk & Portfolio analytics for clear and accurate reporting
    • Business continuity planning: mitigating business risk and preparing for natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other events
    • Website cloning and other cyber-risks: reputational risk, impact on portfolio trading systems 
    • Alexis Know, Associate Director, AIMA
    Expert Feature Presentation
    • Michelle Kelner, Co-Founder, Sandglass Capital Advisors, LLC
    Panel Discussion 4: Fee Structuring Considerations
    • What are the main points to consider re: fee issues
    • What ways can managers better align their interests with investors? What have been the key trends and developments in recent years?
    • Importance of founder share classes
    • How are investors attitudes towards fees changing?
    • Joel Press, Founding Member, Press Management
    Networking Lunch
    Panel Discussion 5: Selecting the Right Service Providers
    • The importance of the prime broker, the fund administrator, the outsourced risk provider and the technology partner in supporting an alternative fund
    • How have areas like outsourcing and managed services changed? What are the challenges/benefits?
    • Day 1 operational infrastructure: how has this changed? What do investors expect now, and how to achieve this?
    Expert Feature Presentation
    Panel Discussion 6: The Fund Raising Process
    • What are the main distribution channels? How have these changed in recent years?
    • What are the main challenges when it comes to attracting investors?
    • How can fund managers better attract seed investors?
    • What are the dos and don’ts when it comes to fund raising? What are the typical mistakes that managers make?
    • Eli Combs, Founder, Axis Global Advisory
    • Jeff Willardson, Managing Director & Partner, PAAMCO Prisma
    Networking Drinks Reception
    Event Concludes