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Event : Wealth 2.0

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 09:00
2 Days
Conducted by: 
Ina Luft

Wealth 2.0 will seek to bring together the global wealth and asset management community and will provide a platform for the industry to meet and formulate a way to move forward in this rapidly changing space.
A senior-level technology and strategy focused two-day event, Wealth 2.0 will discuss how the industry can utilise digital technology to help make the best investment decisions at the highest level of efficiency in order to retain current customers and attract new ones.

Investment in Robo-Advisors is steadily increasing as the industry grapples with how best to work with newer and deeper levels of automation. As uptake continues to grow, companies will have to find how best to integrate their human and machine offerings whilst continuing to offer a superior customer experience.
Featuring multiple streams and over 80 speakers of leading companies representing a variety of verticals, Wealth 2.0 is unique in its proposition.
We will be joined by a speaker faculty built of leaders, influencers and disruptors, who will outline the biggest challenges facing the industry today, as well as proposing new ways forward for the coming year and beyond.
Wealth 2.0 will attract Chief Executive Officers, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and their teams and will feature content dedicated to the following verticals:
- Data analytics
- Social media
- New customers and markets
- Artificial intelligence
- Portfolio management
- Robo-tech
- Skills development
- Cyber security
- Goal based investing
- Blockchain
The agenda will also include the opportunity to hear from and discuss with the most innovative of start-ups that are disrupting the industry.
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