Digital Assets Report

 New This Year:

1. Extended Program featuring 40 Pension Plans, Consultants, Foundations and Endowments
2. 3 Networking Sessions
3. 2 Keynote Presentations
4. As well as interactive Panel Discussions and case-studies
During our 5th Annual Emerging managers Summit you will receive in-depth coverage of the following: Spotlight on Emerging Managers Evaluation Process: During this section of the agenda you will discuss the following questions:
How the managers plan to run their business, including how they are staffed and how they plan to staff the business in five years
Do they want to be an institutional or retail investment manager or both? How and why are they building the business the way they are building it
What are their growth objectives?
Where are their client assets now?
Are they committed to adding resources to build the business in a reasonable way?
Discussions also might include: distribution strategy, incentive structure, succession plans, growth financing, compliance, operations, improving processes, business strategy and staffing.