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This is a time of contradiction and uncertainty in the emissions market.

This is a time of contradiction and uncertainty in the emissions market. Uncertainty fuelled by the approaching 2012 deadline and the lack of firm progress in Copenhagen, countered by the steady growth of the compliance and voluntary market and the progress of legislation to establish a cap-and-trade market in the United States has brought the future of the global market into sharp relief.

Questions and challenges abound. Questions such as where does the Copenhagen accord leave the global emissions market and what role is the United States going to play in its development? What are the industrial and trade implications of US carbon policy, how will CDM work in the US and what opportunities does it bring?

Carbon Markets USA 2010 has, for the sixth successive year, assembled a faculty of industry-leading individuals to address these questions and many more crucial to the forward progress of the carbon market in North America and beyond.

Attend Carbon Markets USA and:
• Gain an in depth understanding of the potential of the Carbon Markets in the United States
• Get updated on legislative activity affecting the carbon markets and the US energy agenda
• Understand the shape and potential of a federal cap-and-trade scheme
• Debate the ramifications of Copenhagen and the United States’ role in the post 2012 global carbon market
• Learn from insightful discussion on regional carbon programs.


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