Digital Assets Report

 Benefit from comprehensive sessions and interactive panel discussions from 18 key subject matter experts including: 

Gregory T. Merz | Managing Director & Deputy General Counsel | Legg Mason & Co., LLC
Steven R. Ducker | Chief Compliance Officer | QS Investors
Lisa Sheeler | Vice President & Assistant General Counsel  | MFS Investment Management
Seth Gelman | Chief Compliance Officer | Brookfield Investment Management Inc. 
Adam J. Reback | Chief Compliance Officer | J Goldman & Co., L.P.
Edmond L. Papantonio | Vice President & Corporate Counsel | U.S. Business Regulatory Law Group | The Prudential Insurance Company of America 
Sean E. Kreiger | Director, Compliance | Babson Capital Management
Alan K. Halfenger | Chief Compliance Officer | Bain Capital LLC
Frank Giorgio | Chief Compliance Officer | Providence Investment Management, LLC
And more!
Attending this conference will enable you to:
Understand the Dodd-Frank Act and the impact to the investment adviser community 
Address insider trading issues within the firm 
Prepare internally for SEC examinations 
Discuss new guidelines on marketing, advertising and social media
Minimize the liability of the Chief Compliance Officer