Digital Assets Report

This unique programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills critical for success in the modern wealth management world.

Main Topics Covered During This Training
• Wealth management today – how big is the market?
• Client segmentation and inter-generation wealth transfer
• The importance of client relationship management and how to ensure client’s satisfaction
• Wealth products and services – how to differentiate from the competition?
• Onshore vs. offshore banking
• The role of family office
• Art advisory and philanthropy
• Modern Portfolio Theory and portfolio construction in practice
• Active and passive investment strategy
• Investing in bonds and equities
• Alternative investments – Private equity, commodities, hedge funds and FX overlay
• Risk management and portfolio optimisation
• Using derivatives in the portfolio management
Who should attend:
• Private Bankers and Wealth Managers
• Family Office Managers
• Portfolio and Asset Managers
• Consultants and Financial Planners

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