Digital Assets Report

 End investors come to World Commodities Week Europe to learn:

The outlook and forecast for commodity prices in 2013
What are the return and risk characteristics of commodities as an asset class
What role commodities should play in a balanced and diversified portfolio
The best opportunities in active commodity management
The pros and cons of different access methods and investment vehicles
What new regulations are coming into effect and how market participants will adapt
The latest trends in oil, softs and metals
Who should sponsor?
Long-only commodity funds
Hedge funds
Structured product providers
Index providers
Technology providers
Who will you meet?
Pension funds
Family offices
Private banks
Insurance companies
Pension fund advisors
Long-only commodity funds
Hedge funds
World Commodities Week Europe 2012 will form part of the DASH – Diversified Asset Show.  To find out more about DASH on the website click here