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Mohican Financial Management

Mohican Financial Management, LLC

The management team, dedicated to convertible securities portfolios, began with three experienced individuals, now comprises five professionals, and has had no attrition. The fund is 100% dedicated to convertible arbitrage with a portfolio management team that combines thirty-five years of



Founded in 1968, SEI became a US public company in 1981 and is listed on the U.S. NASDAQ stock market under the ticker symbol SEIC. With our corporate headquarters based in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a significant presence in London

Phalanx Capital Management logo

Phalanx Capital Management LLC

Phalanx is an award winning multi strategy fund with an 8 year track record of positive and attractive risk-adjusted performance in every calendar year since inception (including 2008).  The fund’s investment objective is to generate positive risk-adjusted returns in all

ACOLIN Fund Services

ACOLIN Fund Services

ACOLIN Fund Services AG is an independent service provider for management companies and providers of collective investments. ACOLIN offers its clients access to a broad network of European distributors and with the online platform “ACOLIN connect” supports them in their

SS&C Advent 2019-07 logo

SS&C Advent

Over the last 30 years of industry change, our core mission to help our clients focus on their unique strategies and deliver exceptional investor service has never wavered. With unparalleled precision and ahead-of-the-curve solutions, we’ve helped over 4,300 firms in


Titan Capital Group

Titan Capital Group was founded in February 2001 to manage portfolios utilizing volatility trading strategies. With a dedicated and well-known trading team experienced in trading large option portfolios, the firm has a proven track record of delivering superior performance during



Tradar is a leading supplier of portfolio management and accounting solutions to the buy-side, with in excess of 220 clients across more than 30 countries worldwide. Tradar’s solutions are highly scalable and support investment management clients ranging from an AUM


Sabre Style Arbitrage

The Sabre Style Arbitrage Fund was launched by London-based boutique hedge fund, Sabre Fund Management, in August 2002. Following a market neutral strategy, the systematic fund dynamically combines statistical arbitrage with multi-factor models to exploit trending behaviour in stocks. This makes the


CEPRES is the leading digital platform for investment analytics, data solutions and counterparty networking for Private Capital Markets. CEPRES began in 2001 as the Center of Private Equity Research and was the first to ‘look-through’ private market funds to underlying


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