US fund managers seek options to hedge against Brexit risk

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Brexit risk

So far in the media, Brexit has been discussed from an essentially British perspective. But the implications – especially in the case of a no-deal departure from the EU – could have an impact far beyond the borders of the UK. Marianne Scordel of Bougeville Consulting looks at some of the steps US fund managers have taken in an attempt to Brexit-proof their businesses…

The referendum took place over three years ago now, and the whole process can be compared at times to a cat crying to leave the house, only to remain on the mat once the door is opened, unsure as to whether to venture out or not. 

While the storyso far has mainly focused on the cat – a metaphor for Britain – the rest of the world has had to deal with the situation, in a reactive way, and in the midst of political uncertainly not experienced in the Western world for decades. 

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