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Podcast: Exploring the private debt frontier – What role could advanced analytics play?

The private debt market is forecast to reach USD1.4 trillion in the next five years. How it evolves will, to some extent, depend on technology innovation, as fund managers look to develop new ways to analyse and value assets, automate processes, and construct customised products to satisfy LPs. In this podcast, Ross Ellis and Chad Longenecker from the SEI Investment Manager Services division, Hank D’Allesandro of Morgan Stanley Credit Partners and Cecile Mayer-Levi of Tikehau Investment Management discuss the role of technology in private debt markets and what future disruption might look like.


Podcast participants

Ross Ellis is a Managing Director at SEI Investment Manager Services   Chad Longenecker is a Managing Director at SEI Investment Manager Services   Hank D'Alessandro is a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, Head of Morgan Stanley Credit Partners and Chief Investment Officer of the North Haven Credit Partners I and II and North Haven Senior Loan Fund   Cécile Lévi joined Tikehau Capital in 2013 and serves as Head of Private Debt activity  


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