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Special Reports

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2018

Building on the popularity of its approved and incubator fund structures, this report examines how BVI is turning its attention to the burgeoning FinTech and cryptocurrency sectors, seeking to tap the growing demand for ICOs and blockchain investments
Special Report

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2017

With a steady uptake in clients seeking to launch funds under the new Incubator and Approved Funds regime, as well as plans to overhaul the Partnership Act and extend the use of SPCs for unregulated closed-ended structures this year, the British Virgin Is
Special Report

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2016

The introduction by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) of two new structures, the Approved Fund and the Incubator Fund, offers family offices and start-up managers a cost-efficient and speedy route to launching new funds, and is proving successful at drawin
Special Report

BVI Hedge Fund Services 2015

The extension of the BVI's Approved Manager regime to managers running non-BVI funds has been a rewarding move for the jurisdiction, with several of the islands' leading service providers reporting a significant uptick in activity as a result. The jurisdi