Special Reports

At Hedgeweek we produce a number of special reports, updated each year to focus on jurisdictional, regulatory, technical and product investment issues in detail. Each report is produced with its own independent editorial and supported with detailed contributions from industry experts.

Please browse the list below to select and read our special reports. Please contact us if you would like to receive a schedule of our special reports or participate in them

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Insight Report

Futureproofing operations: The evolving role of the hedge fund COO

October 2022 | As hedge fund back offices grapple with an assortment of pressures, and as tech solutions continue to advance, the allure of automation is greater than ever. Hedgeweek’s latest Insights Report explores how managers’ business infrastructure – and the role of the COO – are changing as a result.


Rising up the agenda: Hedge funds must tackle cybersecurity head-on

This report details findings of a survey conducted by Hedgeweek. This includes responses from cybersecurity experts within hedge fund firms who were asked about the current arrangements they have in place. It also includes experiences of a number of hedge fund managers whose views helped to build case studies, focusing on seven cybersecurity best practices which should be a priority for these players.

Insight Report

Recruitment retooled: New trends in hedge fund hiring

September 2022 | The hedge fund hiring landscape is growing more competitive, as managers battle to secure talent across business functions. This Hedgeweek Insights Report explores how major developments in technology, remote working, and diversity and inclusion are impacting recruitment trends, and details how hedge funds of all sizes and strategies are recalibrating their approach to staffing in a rapidly-changing market environment.


Technology Report 2022

This report details various ways in which hedge fund managers are looking to harness the power of technology and apply a variety of solutions to benefit their business in different ways. It outlines the shifting needs of different types of managers, the importance of building robust data infrastructure and tech-enabled investment processes.


H1 Update: Hedge funds traverse 2022’s economic turmoil

August 2022 | Soaring inflation, stock market upheaval and geopolitical turmoil have rocked global markets in 2022. This Hedgeweek Insight Report examines how hedge funds are adapting to this new investment landscape, charting the major trends impacting manager performance across strategies in H1, and how recession fears and volatility may shape H2 strategy returns.