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At Hedgeweek we produce a number of special reports, updated each year to focus on jurisdictional, regulatory, technical and product investment issues in detail. Each report is produced with its own independent editorial and supported with detailed contributions from industry experts.

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Regulatory Risk: Confronting the new global hedge fund compliance challenges

July 2022 | Market authorities have kick-started a range of regulatory initiatives that were put on hold during the Covid-19. This Hedgeweek Insight Report examines how the gathering momentum of regulatory change – including the SEC’s private fund adviser proposals, the EU’s reviews of AIMFD and MiFID/R, and new ESG and crypto frameworks – will impact the global hedge fund industry, and how compliance teams can best tackle the coming regulatory onslaught.


The Network Effect

Institutional investor organisations can sometimes be large and unwieldy. As a result, they often don’t easily lend themselves to operational innovation.

This report details the development of an institutional ecosystem which encourages connections and builds accessible networks. Technology ecosystems have proven to be catalysts for change and the goal of this network is to make communication between different parties work better and faster.

Special Report

The Next Generation: How emerging managers are adapting to the new hedge fund landscape

June 2022 | As the hedge fund industry continues to grow and evolve, the fortunes of the next generation of managers are coming into sharp focus. Many larger firms have weathered the storms of recent years, but start-ups face an ever-expanding array of hurdles. How have early-stage managers fared? This Hedgeweek Insight report explores the changing landscape facing emerging managers.


Hedge Funds & ESG: Navigating internal change and responsible investing

May 2022 | With responsible investing trends accelerating and investors pushing managers on their diversity and inclusion policies, ESG is now a key theme for hedge funds. More managers are building sustainability themes into their portfolio-building processes, but with new challenges emerging, how can they successfully stay on top of the evolving ESG agenda?


A Tech Revolution: How machines are reshaping hedge fund investment

April 2022 | Greater market mechanisation and the use of AI are offering hedge funds the potential to strengthen trading ideas and boost returns – but the risk of volatility spikes and flash crashes remains. Alternative data is also a key part of managers’ tech arsenal, as challenges stemming from Covid-19, cybersecurity and regulation accelerate outsourcing trends