Hedgeweek, in partnership with Intralinks, hosted a webinar to present the findings of a global LP survey that sought to determine investor sentiment towards general partners of alternative investment funds.

Why is this? What are the underlying dynamics at work that are impelling institutions to explore direct investments alongside their existing commingled and co-investment allocations? What benefits are they striving for? Which regions are they favoring? 

Obviously there are associated risks to this, not least how such activity could impact LPs existing relationships with their GPs. Join the panel as they discuss the implications

  • Michael Nitka, Managing Director, Credit Investments, Stifel, CM Investment Partners 
  • Wim De Vlieger, Partner, Sidney Austin LLP 
  • Meghan McAlpine, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing at Intralinks 
  • James Williams, Managing Editor, Private Equity Wire (moderator)

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