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With the imminent launch of 16 additional Single Stock Futures on Swiss stocks on 24 April 2006, futures on all SMI constituents will be tradable at Eurex.

This means that Eurex will offer Single Stock Futures on all constituents of the DAX, the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50, and the SMI, on a single platform.

Eurex customers will have a choice of 96 Single Stock Futures from the end of April. The derivatives exchange is thus responding to constantly growing market demand in this segment: More than 1.1 million contracts were traded at Eurex during March 2006 alone.

This was the highest monthly volume since the launch of these products in the fourth quarter of 2005, and an almost fourfold increase since January 2006. Open interest of approximately 488,000 contracts indicates potential for further strong growth. As in the months before, traded volumes in March were primarily attributable to end-users.

Eurex Single Stock Futures offer manifold applications, enabling investors to sell single stocks short, or to create synthetic cash market positions which tie up a relatively low level of capital. In addition, investors benefit from efficient settlement processes, with capital commitments kept low thanks to cross-margining effects.

For detailed contract specifications of all Single Stock Futures, please refer to the Eurex website . For any further information, please contact

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