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KKR has appointed Jonathan R. Levin to the newly created position of treasurer and head of investor relations.

As treasurer, he will be involved in the oversight of the firm’s balance sheet, including the USD3bn in net assets it is expected to receive as a result of its combination transaction with KKR Private Equity Investors.

Henry R. Kravis and George R. Roberts, co-founders of KKR, said: “Jon’s new roles are important steps that will maximize the value of our capital for our investors, strengthen oversight within KKR and ensure a constructive and robust dialogue with public investors. Jon is well positioned for these critical new roles because he has been instrumental in every step of the firm’s evolution over the past few years.”

In his new capacity, Levin will lead KKR’s efforts to engage with public investors and industry analysts and serve as KKR’s treasurer. He will also continue to work on strategic projects for the firm.

Prior to his new role, Levin helped build KKR’s capital markets business, worked in the private equity business, and focused on strategic projects for the firm, including the business combination of KPE and KKR. Levin joined KKR in 2004 from Bear Stearns.

In July, KKR announced that pursuant to an amended and restated purchase and sale agreement, KKR would acquire all of the assets and all of the liabilities of KKR Private Equity Investors, and, in exchange, the latter would receive equity in the combined business. The combination is expected to become effective on 1 October 2009.

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