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Global Risk and Opportunity in a dangerous world - Geopolitics for Investors and Business Leaders

Event : Global Risk and Opportunity in a dangerous world - Geopolitics for Investors and Business Leaders

Tue, 14/09/2010  
Conducted by : The Spectator, in association with KPMG
Contact : Mariam Ahmed

This conference will address the most important issues of a dangerous and exciting 21st century landscape for investors, business leaders and private citizens. It will address the threats of terrorism, political instability, mass migration, disease, energy shortage and extreme weather. At the same time, it will explore the opportunities presented by emerging markets, developments in technology and healthcare, and the globalisation of trade and communication. It will bring together a remarkable range of practitioners and expert commentators in all these fields.

The conference is a unique opportunity to put questions to - and exchange ideas with - some of the most influential voices in politics, business, environmental and health science, strategic consultancy and the media.

The Spectator has been a buzzing centre of British public debate since 1828. These days, that debate takes the form of a programme of high-profile live events as well as in weekly print and in our online Coffee House forum. Spectator Business, launched in 2008, has established a reputation for bringing to financial and economic analysis all the intelligence and wit that readers expect from a Spectator title. Risk and opportunity in a dangerous world will combine all those qualities with a line-up of world-class speakers, from Sir Malcolm Rifkind to Lord Guthrie, Rory Stewart and Lord Levy.

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