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Alternative Investments Series 2013

Event : Alternative Investments Series 2013

Thu, 06/06/2013  
Conducted by : Daiss & Associates
Contact : Joseph Dia

 What will You Get From the Alternatives Investment Series 2013?
• Asset allocation strategies of alternative investments at present
• Portfolio construction: how to select and integrate the investment strategies outstanding
• Hedge Fund - Increasing the appeal of hedge funds to Asian Investors

Why You Can’t Miss the Alternatives Investment Series 2013?
This Conference boasts more than 120 audiences including speakers and delegates from globally . We offer the unique opportunity to meet with onshore sector leaders from Pensions, FoFs, Family office, trustees, Investment Banks and Private Banking etc.

Participants and delegates of this alternative investment conference will investigate a range of critical investment issues, including discussion of the strategies, risks and benefits involving private equity and real estate, investigating the risks and rewards involved with hedge funds, examining means of cutting costs associated with implementation of absolute returns strategies and surveying the landscape of emerging China markets.

The networking opportunities we provide you are second to none. Don’t forget to join us for the many activities offered throughout the Alternatives Investment China as a full day conference. Featuring both onshore and offshore delegation, including many of the industry’s leading innovators and practitioners’, this will be an occasion not to be missed.

How Can We Involve and Present?
The Alternatives Investments China conference attract these coveted audience demand for some reasons - by working with our conference sponsors and materials are on hand to facilitate our audiences in both their learning endeavors and their ability to communicate. Both information & interactively help ensure that our conference audiences are rich with networking opportunities. We will make sure that you get most by keeping up with the latest alternative investments practice in Asia, such as Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, PE and REITs. No reason to be unhappy.

It is our hope that you will emerge from this unique one-day Conference with an understanding of and an excitement about the alternative investments involving hedge fund and private equity industry as well as REITs. We hope to offer an exceptional educational and networking experience with the idea that -- as business leaders -- this Conference can be a positive force in further shaping your business in this industry

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