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Technical Analysis Workshop – Dubai

Event : Technical Analysis Workshop – Dubai

Sun, 14/02/2010  
Conducted by : Eureka Financial
Contact : Sam Baker

A Technical analyst doesn't look at corporate income statements, balance sheets, interest rates, inflation rates or any of the financial markets' fundamentals. Delegates will look at the actual history of trading & price in a financial instrument. This is usually done in the form of a chart. The instrument itself could be an individual stock or bond, a derivative, an index, a currency or commodity. 
Technical analysis helps to uncover the patterns of market behaviors and price patterns. Participants will learn how to build customised charts and technical indicators to make comparisons against a range of indices and companies or view your portfolio transactions. Using technical charting also enables to track investments to test investment strategies.
The format of the course will be very hands on, with participants encouraged to come to decisions of their own with real life examples taken from Bloomberg trading screens.

Main Topics Covered During This Training
• Defining technical analysis
• Analysing share price patterns
• Building customised charts to predict differnt market and price shifts
• Explaining candlestick charting
• Exploring point and figure charting
• Analysing momentum, volume and breadth indicators
• Volatility and retracement indicator
• Moving averages
• Bollinger bands
• Fibonacci retracements
• Elliot waves

Who Should Attend
 From Institutional Investors, Investment and Private Banks Junior Analysts from
• Fund Management
• Sales Departments
• Trading
• Research
• Capital Markets
• Foreign Exchange
• Commodities

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To register or for more details contact us: or +44 207 193 5035

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