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Richard Bonnor-Moris, Newscape

UK debt-rating downgrade unlikely to make a great deal of difference to investors

Richard Bonnor-Moris (pictured), Head of Multi-Asset Solutions at Newscape Capital comments on the credit downgrade of the UK by Moody’s… »

Ruth Lea, Economic Adviser to the Arbuthnot Banking Group

The downgrade in credit rating was all but inevitable, as the British economy continues to flounder

Ruth Lea (pictured), Economic Adviser to the Arbuthnot Banking Group, discusses the downgrade to Britain’s debt rating, the latest public finances data and the Bank’s February Inflation Report.… »

Joanna Shatney, Schroders

Sequestration looming

Joanna Shatney (pictured), Head of US Large Cap Equities, gives her views on the upcoming sequestration in the US… »

Cayman Islands

Cayman's 'important' role in global finance

Cayman Finance has issued a statement regarding the US Senate Finance Commission confirmation hearing of Jack Lew… »


Hedge funds start the year with positive returns of 1.98 per cent…

Hedge funds posted strong returns in January on the back of rising risk appetite and rallying global equity markets. The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index was up 1.98 per cent during the month, while the MSCI World Index gained 4.66 per cent. »

Neville Bramwell, partner at Deloitte

ESMA remuneration guidelines increase cost and complexity for fund managers

Neville Bramwell (pictured), partner at Deloitte, comments on the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA’s) final guidelines on sound remuneration policies under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers’ Directive (AIFMD)… »

David Zahn, Franklin Templeton

Move out of gilts and better allocate strategic bond portfolios

David Zahn (pictured), manager of the Templeton Strategic Bond Fund, believes it is time for UK strategic bond funds to make use of allocations across a wider variety of fixed income asset classes in their search for real returns. Zahn, who has cut all exposure to UK gilts within the Templeton Strategic Bond portfolio argues the case for greater fixed income diversification in a low-interest rate environment… »

Standard Life Investments, Frances Hudson

The emergence of emerging markets

It is much harder for countries to make the transition from emerging to developed economies than was previously commonly thought, according to Frances Hudson (pictured), Global Thematic Strategist, Standard Life Investments… »


Asian hedge fund stars will continue to attract capital in 2013, says BNY Mellon… Bank of America’s Hedge-Fund Clients Boost Leverage in Asia…

The year ahead will likely remain sharply challenging for Asian hedge fund managers looking to raise new investor capital. But the “stars” of recent years that have lodged standout gains will continue to see moderate inflows from their traditional investors – US institutions – while new entrants are turning to ultra-high net worth investors, family offices and their own friends amid a dearth of institutional seed capital. »

Richard Gwilliam, Head of Property Research, PRUPIM

Outlook for global real estate

Richard Gwilliam (pictured), Head of Property Research at PRUPIM offers his outlook for global real estate… »

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