ARQA employs QuantHouse data and hosting services to expand OMS solutions into European markets

ARQA Technologies is employing QuantHouse data and hosting services as it looks to develop new solutions for complex trading infrastructures in European markets.

ARQA has seen high for ARQA OMS, a classic OMS for sell-side companies which use Sales & Trading approach in servicing clients.
As a result of the cooperation with QuantHouse, ARQA OMS is providing fast, well-normalised and truly global market data while being hosted at QuantHouse’s data centre in London. This enables clients to use ARQA OMS as a service and simplifies connectivity to exchanges and execution brokers who are members of the QuantHouse API Ecosystem.   
ARQA OMS is a part of the global QUIK OEMS with connectivity to over 30 trading venues and sophisticated in-built risk management. The solution has been installed at seven banks and broker-dealers trading globally.
Igor Sukhanov, Trader at SOVA Capital, says: “ARQA OMS is used for processing and systematisation of client flows in equities. It allows our clients to receive live fills during order execution which is extremely important for internationals. It also allows us to send ALGO orders straight from a client ticket. We are waiting for new tools to be added to make it more flexible when working with different currencies.”
Stephane Leroy (pictured), Business Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse, says: “We believe that OMS and advanced trading solutions available as a fully managed service is the way to go for the industry. Services available on demand are cost effective and integrate new features or regulation rules with more flexibility. We are happy to welcome ARQA Technologies as part of our qh API Ecosystem as this new service has the capability to scale to match trading and performance requirements for large investment banks through to regional players.”
Vladimir Kulyandchik, Director of business development, ARQA Technologies, says: “The multi-asset, venue-neutral OEMS platform we have developed for nearly 20 years might be used to handle various tasks including Sales &Trading. We are really pleased that more and more clients trust our products. 10 years of cooperation with QuantHouse helps open up new possibilities for our most advanced solutions such as ARQA OMS while making them more global and universal.”