EisnerAmper LLP - Best Global Accounting Firm

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This year’s best global accounting firm EisnerAmper LLP makes sure it keeps in close contact with clients throughout the year in its efforts to bring exceptional service and provide advice on a timely basis.

Audit Partner, Nicholas Tsafos (pictured), says having a global presence gives clients a homogenous experience, particularly in cases where they have investment vehicles registered in different jurisdictions. “This way, these companies only deal with us – they don’t have to go to another accounting firm to get the same level of service. Even if they were with the big four accounting firms, their offices are not as collegial as ours. We are smaller which makes us nimbler and more sensitive to client needs,” he says.

Last year saw EisnerAmper LLP add another feather to its global hat with the opening of its London office. “This was our greatest achievement in 2018 and it’s been truly a game changer,” Tsafos explains, “Next to New York, London is the biggest city in terms of financial services and capital investment.” Currently the London office houses six people but Tsafos envisions this to grow to between 150 and 200 employees within the next few years.

In addition to its geographical growth plans, EisnerAmper LLP expects the advisory business to be another key area of development for the firm. This includes services which are not the traditional accounting and tax; services like regulatory, accounting, due diligence, advising on controls and procedures and best practice.

When it comes to target clients, Tsafos says: “Although we continue to see growth in our start up businesses and emerging managers, we also see strong potential to do more business with our more established global clients.”

In view of this, he says the firm’s main goal for the coming year is go deeper into providing advisory services to the larger investment advisor entities such as Goldman Sachs, Flagstones and Morgan Stanleys of the world as opposed to the middle market and emerging managers that EisnerAmper LLP currently services.

The accounting firm’s strongest competition remain the four large global names, however Tsafos sees opportunity for some wins against these Goliaths. He says: “These big four firms face independence issues in certain jurisdictions like in London where there is talk about splitting advisory and audit. This would give us tremendous opportunity to service bigger, listed companies and jump in and provide the quality of service that those clients are used to.

“We are looking forward to the gap which could be created where there are conflicts with the bigger accounting and advisory firms.”

“Winning the award means a lot to our firm. It illustrates the EisnerAmper name is becoming better known to our global clients and by winning an award like this shows the quality we can provide to international advisors,” Tsafos says. 

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