Sudrania launches new version of fund admin platform

Sudrania Fund Services Corp (Sudrania) has released Seamless Impact, the latest version of its flagship fund administration platform, Seamless Investment Backoffice. 

Seamless Impact has been tailored to the needs of funds in the impact investment space - Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) as well as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments.

Sudrania says impact investments are in need of more technology. Many funds have large transaction volume for small investment amounts. In the past, this posed an issue of making fund administration very expensive relative to socially conscious investment mandates. However, with the use of technology, Sudrania can now offer fund administration services at an optimised cost for these funds.

"We are happy to contribute our technology to community projects. Impact investing is close to our heart," says Nilesh Sudrania, Founder & CEO of Sudrania. Community development is very important to Sudrania and we are thrilled to continue helping more funds in the CDFI space."

The founding team and executives of Sudrania have more than 100 years of combined experience in providing fund administration and back-office services to investment managers, CDFI’s and Impact Investment funds. Sudrania offers an extensive suite of services especially designed to allow investment managers to outsource their back-office operations and fund administration to third parties with outstanding technology and talent. 

"Setting up an impact investment fund like MWM Fund is very difficult, without the support of others like Sudrania and the whole team," says TJ Osterman, Managing Member & Partner of Money With Meaning Fund (MWM). "I can’t imagine we would be where we are at now. They've rolled everything up into one nice suite of services. The biggest thing I look for when working with someone is how they understand the specific situation and that not everyone fits into the same box. As we continue to roll out more funds for all to invest in, Sudrania will be right by our side along the way."