Everysk raises USD1.3m in seed round

Everysk Technologies, an investment technology company providing multi-asset portfolio analytics with data-centric, machine learning techniques, has closed a USD1.3 million seed financing round and is launching a first-ever automation system that brings real-time portfolio and risk management analytics to fund managers of all sizes. 

Everysk Portfolio Risk & Automation enables asset managers – and especially smaller firms – to instantly establish robust risk processes by tapping into Everysk’s expertise and technology to give them the same sophisticated live reporting and actionable tools employed by top tier hedge funds. 

“The stale, static, backward-looking PDF risk report delivered once in the morning is dead,” says Allan Brik, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Everysk and former Partner and Chief Risk Officer at multi-billion-dollar hedge fund-of-funds Arden Asset Management. 

“In today’s historically volatile COVID-19 markets, never before has the need for automated and contextualised portfolio and risk management information been more critical or more accessible,” says Dr Brik. ”Everysk Portfolio Risk & Automation provides clients with timely insights into investment portfolios and intraday alerts via automated workflows, thus removing operational burdens from investment teams and allowing them to focus on more high impact tasks.” 

“With Everysk, you have a digital workforce monitoring your portfolio,” says Nick Beattie, CFA, Partner and Head of Business Development at Everysk, who previously provided portfolio solutions to hedge funds and asset managers at MSCI and Axioma. “For example, the moment a portfolio breaches a risk limit, managers receive an alert detailing the cause along with an optimszed trade list to rebalance the fund into compliance. This is done instantly and intraday, helping clients save time and money.”