RFA Launches Application Lifecycle Management

RFA, the IT provider to the financial services industry, has launched a new Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) service for its clients. 

RFA works with the professional financial services and alternative investment sectors, offering IT innovation and services in cloud solutions, cybersecurity, managed data and IT service management.

Focussing on providing exemplary service and support, RFA has developed Application Lifecycle Management as an addition to its Data Management suite of services. 

Providing Code Security by applying a new principle of DevSecOps after a year of testing, RFA has integrated an additional step that performs a static code analysis against security vulnerabilities during the build process into its continuous integration and deployment practice. 

This enables development teams to be agile and deploy multiple times a day, without comprising security. Most coding practices require scheduled reviews and third-party auditors that do not provide real time monitoring.

Yohan Kim, CEO at RFA, comments: “The world of development has become more dependent on open-source packages, and it greatly increases the risk in the introduction of vulnerable or compromised software packages. Several instances of theft at Crypto funds were due to a lack of code security. Code was manipulated by hackers to reroute funds while the company was unaware of the changes during deployment into production. RFA's DevSecOps process protects our applications as well as our clients’ applications to greatly reduce these types of exploits."

The shift in the sophistication of cyber-attacks means development of open source projects, products, or initiatives by development teams can be at greater risk of cyber breach. An early adopter of new technologies and development practices, RFA is supporting its clients to embrace the principles of open exchange and collaborative participation with the Application Lifecycle Management tool.
George Ralph, RFA's Global MD and CRO, comments: "RFA has a proven track record in IT innovation. Our DevOps team have made great advances in the last year to support our clients with ongoing security challenges created by the rise in cyber criminals’ activity. Cybersecurity is a key concern for traditional funds but also for newer digital asset funds entering the market and at RFA we are well equipped to provide leading service and solutions to all alternative asset managers."

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