Caravel Capital Investments changes fund name

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Caravel Capital Investments Inc, the management company for Caravel CAD Fund Ltd, a multi-strategy market-neutral hedge fund based in The Bahamas, has changed the name of its flagship fund to Caravel Capital Fund Ltd.

The firm wishes to appeal to a broader base and better reflect the nature of the fund. Previously named the Caravel CAD Fund Ltd, prospective investors were left wondering about the currencies and geographic targets for the fund. To delineate these specifications, the fund managers have officially changed the name to the Caravel Capital Fund Ltd.

The Caravel Capital Fund Ltd. is an open-ended fund that accepts USD and CAD dollars. The assets under management (AUM) are stated in CAD for reporting purposes. The fund, however, is not domiciled in Canada and is an offshore investment fund regulated by the Bahamas Securities Commission. As of February 1, 2022, The Fund has approximately 155,000,000 CAD AUM with an approximate net asset value (NAV) of 2,591.04 CAD.

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