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40 per cent of institutional investors have lost more than USD10,000 due to bad corporate event data

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Companies are increasingly incorporating corporate event data into their trading strategies in order to mitigate monetary losses and react more quickly to market volatility, according to Wall Street Horizon’s latest Corporate Event Research Survey.

The survey, which polled more than 100 institutional market participants, nearly half of whom were quantitative or discretionary fund managers, found that more than one-third of participants have lost money as a result of either bad or unknown corporate event data, with nearly 40 per cent of those having reported a loss of more than USD10,000. This data is aligned with last year’s survey reinforcing that a lack of accurate data can have significant consequences.
In addition, more than half of participants (55 per cent) say tracking corporate event data is essential for monitoring stocks on their watchlist; more than 30 per cent reported they needed corporate event data to make trades based on event changes.
And despite the hype around cryptocurrencies, 50 per cent of respondents said they are “not likely” to purchase data services to support crypto trading.
“This year’s survey results reaffirm that accurate corporate event data and tracking event movement is becoming increasingly critical to institutional investors and traders,” says Barry L Star (pictured), CEO, Wall Street Horizon. “Academic research has shown that ‘corporate body language’ – changes to a corporate event calendar – can provide predictive signals as to the future state of the company’s health. As investment professionals look for new ways to uncover alpha and reduce losses, access to accurate and timely data will continue to be a top priority.”

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