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Alpha Whale to launch first community NFT hedge fund

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Alpha Whale Fund is about to be the first NFT project to ever run a community crypto hedge fund with the imminent release of 5,000 unique NFTs.

The Alpha Whale Fund is more than a traditional NFT because holders will have access to a vault accumulation fund, where 50 per cent of proceeds from NFT sales, mint, and royalties are shared. Alpha Whale Fund’s primary focus is building long-term, hands-off wealth for its community. This is why each holder will receive a share of the vault’s holdings based on the number of NFTs held. 

Alpha Whale Fund will be sending holders of the NFTs their share of the vault at the end of the year via Airdrop – where each holder will receive ETH proportionally to how many NFTs they have. If there are 5,000 worth of ETH in the vault, for example, and 5,000 NFTs are outstanding, each holder will be airdropped 1 ETH per NFT that they own.

The project team has a proven track record of success in NFTs and crypto investing and has over 10 years of stock and options trading experience.

Through a community-driven voting system, Alpha Whale holders will vote for which Crypto projects the vault will be investing in next. In addition, the team will consult the holders and listen to their ideas on how else the vault capital may be invested.

The creation of the DAO NFT hedge fund provides a real use case for Web 3.0 and a commitment to empowering the crypto community. Holders can decide the project’s actions and initiatives. 

With the NFT rewards concept and the commitment to sharing success with the community, Alpha Whale Fund allows the holders to earn passive income and flourish. 

The Alpha Whale NFT sale will begin on soon on its website.

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