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Amber Group adds new features to Amber App

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Amber Group, a crypto trading and technology firm, has launched new features for the Amber App, which is designed to help users achieve optimal investment returns through interest rate products, yield enhancement and risk management tools. Amber’s all-in-one mobile application now includes new features such as Swap and Flexible Earn. 

“With an increasing number of people entering the crypto market, the Amber App has been a solution for many as it provides a way for users to access liquidity, earn yield, and manage risk across crypto assets with speed and security,” says Michael Wu, CEO of Amber Group. “These new features come off the heels of our promise to deliver the most seamless crypto finance experience for our customers.” 

Through the Amber App, users can now access the new Swap feature, which allows users to instantly swap between crypto tokens under three seconds for a low 0.05 per cent fee. Users will also be able to reference a comprehensive dashboard showing real-time pricing for multiple crypto assets. 

Additionally, the Amber App now offers Flexible Earn, which allows users to instantly earn up to 5 per cent APY on deposits. With daily interest distribution, users can benefit from compounding interest. Existing users can already invest in the Fixed Earn product, which offers users up to 10 per cent APY on either standardised or customisable subscriptions. 

At the beginning of this year, Amber also released a new app feature called Yield Boost, which is an easy-to-use investment tool for users to monetise their market view on major crypto assets and earn an attractive return.

Corporate clients and institutions can also access similar flexible and fixed savings products on the Amber Pro web platform, as well as a number of additional financial management tools including OTC, secured lending, and margin trading. 

Current Amber App users are now eligible to receive USD10 for every active referral, which can be used toward growing their crypto finance experience on the platform. The latest version of the Amber App also supports Spanish and Portuguese. 

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