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Bitcoin Fund is best performing hedge fund year-to-date

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The Bitcoin Fund, which is traded exclusively on the EXANTE fund platform and was launched in late 2012, is the best performing hedge fund year to date with a return of 4847 per cent.

The Bitcoin Fund gives institutions and high-net worth individuals secure and real-time access to the bitcoin market with a licensed, regulated product.
Since the bitcoin virtual currency was first launched in 2009 and achieved its initial success, institutional investors and hedge fund managers have sought a regulated investment vehicle for bitcoin placements. EXANTE provided this solution by giving simple access to the Bitcoin Fund.
The Bitcoin Fund’s assets under management currently total over USD35m.
The fund charges no performance-based fee. It does charge an annual management fee of 1.75 per cent, as well as a 0.5 per cent transaction fee.
The fund according to EXANTE does not use leverage or derivatives for risk management and there is no discretionary management; one fund share is strictly equal to the value of one bitcoin, which are bought and sold as investors buy and sell Bitcoin Fund shares. EXANTE provides a secondary market for the trading of fund shares and through those shares to bitcoins.

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