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BNP Paribas unveils digital reporting platform for alts

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BNP Paribas has launched CapLink, a new digitalised reporting platform for hedge funds and other alternative fund managers and investors. The platform – which comprises CapLink Investor and CapLink Private – offers users simple and secure access to digitalised reporting, ESG insights and data analytics capabilities with the aim of enhancing transparency and support investment-making decisions.

CapLink Investor – aimed at hedge fund and liquid alternative managers, single hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and their investors – is a comprehensive platform for fund managers, investors, and authorised contacts, offering essential information and insights across their fund holdings.

CapLink Private offers digital reporting through data visualisation, end-to-end workflow management, and risk and performance analytics capabilities for non-listed investments. It is designed to enable private management companies, diversified asset managers and asset owners who manage private capital investment programmes to have an up-to-date view on their investments such as private equity, private debt and infrastructure in direct funds or fund of funds structuration. Clients are able to effectively monitor real-time data to unlock the full potential of their funds and portfolios, with advanced analytics providing transparency on investments and their performance.

For hedge and liquid alternative investors, particular attention has been placed on streamlining electronic trading functionality and leveraging automation to provide a more efficient, intuitive and user friendly experience, while reducing risk of errors and minimising manual data entry. Automated features have also been added to address risk management controls around document access and sharing.

Management companies using CapLink Private also benefit from an integrated white-label interface to facilitate a seamless and secure communication channel with their end investors.

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