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BRI Long Short Equity Index down 0.03 per cent in March

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BRI Partner’s Long/Short Equity Index (BRILSE) calculated by Wilshire Associates posted a performance of -0.03 per cent for the month of March, taking it to +3.89 per cent for the year-to-date 2017. 

March's performance was largely driven by exposure to value-focused names across the large and mid-cap universes. This was largely offset by positive contribution from the growth portfolios as well as the hedge resulting in a slight loss for the index.
BRIndexes deliver the beta of hedge fund strategies. The BRIndexes do not measure the performance of hedge fund managers and, therefore, do not rely on managers to provide a snapshot of month-end results. Decades of economic and academic research are the foundation for each BRI Index, which are built from the risk factors used by hedge funds while avoiding the discretionary, behavioural and business risk of active funds.
Each BRI index provides efficient exposure to the same risk/return profile of hedge fund strategies; does not require hedge fund managers to provide their monthly performance; serves as a true beta benchmark for performance of actively managed funds; and assists investors and managers to identify and demystify alpha in active managers.
BRI Partners has a singular objective to create a family of investable indices that cost-effectively and efficiently deliver the true beta of alternative strategies. The indices identify the risk factors used by hedge funds that measure their beta performance before their strategies seek to capture alpha. This measure provides investors and managers with a true beta benchmark.
Wilshire Associates calculates the daily price of the index.  

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