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C-View launches systematic FX programme

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UK currency manager C-View Limited has launched the C-View Stelrox Systematic Currency Program in conjunction with Stelrox Capital Management.

Alongside the launch, C-View has appointed Buford Scott, managing partner of Stelrox Capital Management, as the chief investment officer and portfolio manager of the C-View Stelrox Systematic Currency Strategy.
The programme is scheduled to begin trading in September 2014.
The Stelrox strategy is the culmination of Scott’s 28 years of trading experience, spent at JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Prior to founding Stelrox, Scott was managing director at Standard Chartered Bank, where he founded and ran the alternative asset group.
Paul Chappell, founder and chief investment officer of C-View, and member of the ACI FX Committee, says: “The launch of the C-View Stelrox Systematic Program is a very strong complement to our existing range of currency programmes. The Stelrox programme delivers diversification through equal allocation to G10, emerging market, and trend-following strategies which help to deliver excellent risk adjusted returns. Marrying together these excellent portfolio construction skills and the track record of the Stelrox systematic team with C-View’s undoubted experience in trading, operational and currency risk management lays the groundwork for an attractive investment opportunity. This at a time when the prospects for currency strategies are revitalised.“
The C-View Emerging, Developing and Minor Currency Program was launched in 2008 to exploit a wider range of emerging and developing currencies.

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