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Commodities specialist J E Moody joins Deutsche Bank’s dbSelect platform

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Commodities alternative investment manager J E Moody has joined dbSelect, Deutsche Bank’s platform for accessing liquid hedge fund strategies.  

The move allows investors to access J E Moody’s Commodity Relative Value (CRV) Program in a transparent, safe, liquid and efficient manner through Deutsche Bank’s dbSelect platform. Managed investment platforms allow hedge fund managers to offer multiple ways of accessing investment strategies, including UCITS, whilst reducing risk and increasing liquidity for investors.

J E Moody currently has over USD170 million in assets under management and recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its CRV Program. The CRV Program is a highly diversified natural resource fund investing in energies, metals, grains, meats, and soft commodities. CRV employs a fundamental, relative value spread trading strategy for commodity futures. The strategy is non directional and seeks pure alpha with minimal drawdowns and no commodity Beta or correlations to Commodity Trading Advisers (CTAs), major asset classes such as stocks and bonds, or hedge funds.  
Will Hutchings, European Head of dbSelect Sales at Deutsche Bank, says: “The addition of J E Moody to dbSelect increases the diversity of hedge fund strategies available to investors. The managed investment platform model continues to grow in popularity, driven by the clear benefits of improved investor confidence and increased transparency for managers and investors alike.”

John Moody, Founder of J E Moody & Company, says: “We are excited that investors will be able to access our CRV Program through the highly regarded dbSelect platform. Deutsche Bank’s selection of CRV is a great testament to the diversification benefits and risk management inherent in the strategy.”

dbSelect is Deutsche Bank’s platform for accessing liquid hedge fund strategies, such as managed futures, CTAs, currency, global macro, volatility arbitrage and commodity strategies. With more than 150 hedge fund programs to choose from, daily liquidity and a highly efficient cost structure, dbSelect has attracted more than USD5bn in assets under management from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, private banks and insurance companies.

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