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Dexion’s NAV per share up 3.3 per cent YTD

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Dexion Trading Limited’s (DTL) net asset value per share has risen by 3.33 per cent YTD, according to the listed fund of hedge funds’ latest half-yearly report.

Over the last 12 months the company’s discount has improved by 3.33 per cent, while the company’s share price has improved by 13.14 per cent.
“During the six month period to 30 June 2013, the net asset value (NAV) of the company’s shares rose by 3.00 per cent,” says DTL chairman Christopher Spencer. “This increase is significantly better than the benchmark HFRX Macro Index which fell by 1.07 per cent over the same period. Over the period the company’s shares traded at an average discount to their NAV of 7.95 per cent and ended the period at a discount to NAV of 4.33 per cent.
“Since becoming a feeder fund to Permal Macro Holdings Limited on 1 October 2007, the company’s NAV has increased by 17.58 per cent to June 2013, whilst the HFRX Macro Index has fallen by 6.64 per cent over the same period.”

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