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ECC and BSP complete migration of Slovenian power spot clearing services

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European Commodity Clearing (ECC) and BSP Energy Exchange (BSP) have concluded the migration of clearing services for power spot intraday continuous and day-ahead customers in Slovenia. Around 30 customers have so far transferred to the ECC systems.

ECC will now serve all exchanges of the newly extended Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange Group (ADEX Group) in the region, including BSP, HUPX and SEEPEX. The offering also includes market coupling services on four Slovenian bidding zone borders.

In a press statement, Dr Tobias Paulun, CEO of ECC, said: “We are delighted that with the integration of BSP’s Slovenian power spot clearing services, ECC will have a comprehensive clearing and settlement offering across the European power spot markets, including Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Risk management on power markets is more important than ever and with this step, we will ensure a more integrated service portfolio to our international customer base.”

BSP has provided clearing services since 2008, which, according to a press release, has resulted in a cash flow of over €10bn in 16 years. Following the transfer, BSP will continue to provide clearing services to the North Macedonian and Montenegrin power exchanges.

In addition to power spot markets, ECC also clears a wide range of power future contracts for 27 countries listed on the European Energy Exchange (EEX) platform.

ECC, part of EEX Group, is a central clearing house which specialises in energy and commodity products and provides clearing services for EEX, EEX Asia and EPEX SPOT and for the partner exchanges BSP, HUPX, HUDEX, NOREXECO, SEEPEX and SEMOpx.

BSP operates a physical day-ahead market and intraday market with market coupling services in Slovenia and local and cross-border clearing and settlement services. In 2023, its 34 members traded 11.5 TWh with an annual clearing turnover of €1.6bn. BSP is part of the Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange – ADEX, the first regional power exchange for Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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