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Facing evolving regulations and dynamic market conditions, financial service companies are keeping a close eye on further changes vis-à-vis the economy, regulatory frameworks, compliance measures and technology solutions. With growing regulatory and compliance requirements, more and more importance is associated with corporate governance, risk and compliance within the financial services industry. Firms face a tough task in adhering to compliance frameworks and managing risks while at the same time providing services at competitive prices.

To meet these challenges, firms need to prioritize their focus areas. Many firms are taking a holistic approach to compliance and looking to innovate products and services as they search for ways to meet regulatory mandates while also increasing operational efficiency. During this world class networking event, which offers attendees the opportunity to gain insights and share ideas with industry colleagues and experts, we’ll look at the major transformations that the financial services industry faces in this era of evolving regulatory frameworks. Attendees will get a fresh perspective on emerging trends and best practices for adhering to enterprise-wide GRC requirements and making them an integral part of the strategic planning processes.
Benefits of Attending

Attendees of will be exposed to a host of key techniques and best practices for deploying risk-related tools to improve compliance and operational efficiency, including:

Transforming stress testing insights into strategic change.
Managing the demands of regulators, customers, and other stakeholders for transparency and visibility while improving operational efficiency. 
Rationalizing multiple business units into a unified GRC process.
Leveraging proactive measures to counter change.
Assembling a mix of Living Wills for effective closures without any government interventions.
Building a scalable and flexible governance, risk, and compliance framework.
Aligning compliance-related processes and procedures with cost reduction strategies.
Improving organizational sustainability and business agility with governance and controls.
Embedding compliance into corporate culture and developing a holistic approach to sustain profitability.
Finding and deploying innovative technologies to support the convergence of governance, risk, and compliance. 

Who Should Attend

C-Suite Officers: Chief Executive Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Outsourcing Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Legal Counsel
Members of the Board of Directors
Heads of Legal, Performance Measurement, and Compliance Departments
Vice President and Directors of Operational Risk, Enterprise Risk, Governance, Outsourcing, Performance Measurement, and Vendor Management
Managing Directors and Process Directors
Project Managers of Governance, Risk and Compliance
Risk Managers and Risk Analysts
Performance Measurement Managers and Executives
Compliance Managers
Reporting Managers and Executives
IT Directors & Consultants
Anyone involved in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance initiatives