Digital Assets Report

 Among the topics to be covered at the conference are: 

– How Will California Proceed Without Redevelopment Agencies? How Will Legacy Issues Play out? 
– 2012 Case Law Developments 
– Portfolio Deals: Bigger, Faster, More Complex 
– Remedies for Deal Gone Bad 
– Purchase & Sales Agreements that are Really used and Practical 
– International Investors Coming into the US: Structural & Tax Considerations 
– Who is your Client?: Managing Intra-Company, Affiliated Company & Joint Venture Conflicts 
– Ethics in Real Estate Investment, Asset Management & Commercial Mortgage Lending 
Plus returning favorites like our:
– Closed-Door, Vegas Rules, Preconference Plenary 
– The New Regulatory Environment &, Tax Regime 
– Managing your External Counsel: Fees, Billing Trends & Cost Management 
– Evaluating the Dual Legal/Business Role of the In-House Counsel 
– The In-House General Counsel Plenary: I’m Currently Spending Too Much Time On…