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The two days conference organized by FARO The International Commodities Club, will be hosted in Italy, at Museo Ferrari in Maranello, with a precise focus on metals for the automotive industry. The international panel on “Automotive sector: new products and projects that drive the metals demand” will open the first day conference, featuring Walid Al Attar (Chief Marketing Officer, Emirates Global Aluminium) and Goran Djukanovic (Aluminium market analyst & consultant).

After that, Matthew Chamberlain, Head of Business Development, London Metal Exchange, will be discussing risk management activities for metals consumers in the automotive industry, among the second international panel scheduled for the first day.

In agenda: the Macro-economic view and international market environment; the Intermarket Analysis exploring trends in energy, food, metal commodities and stock exchanges with the most distinguished international analysts; the Commodities Outlook on Non Ferrous Metals, Steel and Ferrous Raw Materials.

Closing the meeting, the Forex Risk Management Strategies session with the panel discussion titled “Currencies: the volatility’s impact on the Import-Export activities of manufacturers. Risk and opportunities related to a new methodology for trading on Forex market: examples and best practices”.

The leading event will attract CPO, CFO and CEO of automotive industry, non-ferrous metals and steel as well as operators in the energy, food and green-economy sectors.