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At Capital Markets Analytics 2013, you will learn:

At Capital Markets Analytics 2013, you will learn:
• Strategies for Harnessing Big Data: Walk away knowing what innovations are on the horizon to deal with exploding data volumes and increasing velocity. Receive first-hand accounts of how to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities.
• Latest Predictive Tools and Quantitative Analysis: Financial institutions that implement advanced analytic approaches will be poised to confront problems stemming from considerably larger data sets, while institutions that fail to tackle big data challenges effectively will have difficulty getting significant results. Capital Markets Analytics will give attendees access to the tools that provide meaningful and timely results.
• Big Data Insights: Having access to increased data does not guarantee increased insights. In order for insights to be beneficial to a firm, it must be extracted and analyzed. Capital Markets Analytics will give attendees an opportunity to discuss new data management technologies and solutions, as well as hear real-life examples of turning data in to insights and ultimately success.
• How To Meet New Regulatory Requirements: Meet, interact with and leverage strategies from leading regulatory and compliance executives. Find out what regulatory challenges they face and what they’re doing to overcome them. Take away strategies for complying with increased regulatory demands.
• Analysis of Unstructured Data: Share ideas and find ways to extract value from unstructured data. Capital Markets Analytics sets the stage for higher levels of innovation and analysis. Hear lesson’s learned and success stories from other financial services firms to drive your own unstructured data strategy.