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The CEE region has stayed in everyone’s focus during the recession.

The CEE region has stayed in everyone’s focus during the recession. With the downturn easing off, the CEE now more than ever has become the place to pay attention to for deal-making opportunities in 2010. With the biggest deal of the year in its portfolio and ever improving fundraising climate, widening deal financing options and exit opportunities, the region clearly offers high return potential with an extensive range.

To provide you with the latest information and valuable insights you need to profit from the upcoming opportunities in CEE, EastEuro Link is pleased to announce the date for its 2nd annual CEE Private Equity 2010 conference. Following the success of the 2009 event which attracted high industry professionals from the region, the upcoming 2010 event will take place on 11th June in Warsaw. This event is the ONLY international private equity conference taking place in Poland, by which it is offering the opportunity for increased attendance by local businesses.

The conference will provide an outlook for Private Equity sector in the CEE region and identify the best area for investment providing the highest return. Future industry trends will be discussed by seasoned industry professionals and a macroeconomic overview will be given. You will hear an update on the recent regulatory restrictions, and answers will be given on what does it take to fundraise and what are the biggest challenges GPs are facing in today’s market.