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One of the key stories we are keen to dissect at FundForum Latin America 2014 is the exciting trajectory from local to regional to global that the industry is on the cusp of at the moment. With global interest and regional players who will soon have international kudos, as well as manifold local opportunities, Colombia and Latin America as a whole is an investment story not to be missed. We’ve broken down what you can expect from this story with some key and exciting highlights below;

Latin America is quietly regaining interest for the rest of the world as managers seek to find value for their customers across borders, drawing on their collective knowledge to develop insights and strategies that span continents.
Learn what these industry experts believe are key global trends for the coming year, and where they see Latin Americas' place within this.
A Leading US Selector:
Adam Choppin, Manager Research – International Equities, FIS GROUP, INC.
A Global Manager With A Latam Focus:
An International FundFlows Analyst and Specialist   
Marlon Valle, Senior Analyst, STRATEGIC INSIGHT  
As the region makes gains globally so several local players are broadening their regional mandates, taking their local expertise and combining it with wider international experience to create product offerings and business models that carefully combine all the best stratagems gained from this cross-border experience.
Join them as they discuss the widening LatAm story – from country specific hurdles to the impact of the Pacific Alliance, and the role of cross-country M&A and its effect on the Latin American investment industry. 
Building Bridges from Brazil to the Andean Region:
Ricardo Kaufman, Executive Director, BTG PACTUAL
The Local Distribution Partner on the future of pan-Latam companies:
Jaime de la Barra, Partner, COMPASS GROUP
The World Respected CEO on Bringing the Latin America Growth Story to Global Clients:
Joaquim Levy, CEO, BRADESCO
With a strong economy amongst its peers and showing promise to investors in terms of its geopolitical and macroeconomic support of the investment environment, Colombia is attracting more and more foreign investment and interest. From its strong Private Equity industry and potential for investors, ranging from infrastructure through to renewables, Colombia has a lot to offer and an ever growing local infrastructure to support its investment industry. Join our representatives in celebrating all that this dynamic economy has to offer.
A Local Managing Director Of A Growing Global Firm:
Claudia Calderon, Head of Location, Colombia, BNP PARIBAS
A Brilliant Chief Executive Of A Local Firm:
Hector Cateriano, CEO Managing Partner, MAS EQUITY PARTNER 
An Outstanding Industry Specialist and Representative:
Isabella Muñoz Méndez, Directora Ejecutiva ColCapital, COLCAPITAL
As well as all this amazing content and discussion, there will also be ample time to network, including our welcoming drinks reception. Join us in Cartagena for a lovely drinks reception on the Terrance on the Tuesday 2nd of December!   
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