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Hedge funds – if you survived 2009, join us to learn how to succeed in 2010

Hedge funds – if you survived 2009, join us to learn how to succeed in 2010

The last two years have been trying for the entire hedge fund industry. Faced with tougher market conditions, new regulation on both sides of the Atlantic and scrutiny from an incredibly cautious pool of investors, the hedge funds in business today are lucky to have survived. In this ‘year in preview’ Web-event will provide hedge funds both start ups and large funds valuable insight in the changes hedge funds need to take on board to improve chances of success in 2010.

A panel of industry experts will share their experiences and insight into the topics of:

– Capital Raising and hedge fund Marketing
– Investor Services and Communications
– Due Diligence practices of today’s market
– Regulation and Compliance for both US and Europe
– Cost Pressures and how to keep rising Operating Costs manageable.

Audience participants will learn about new strategies for capital raising and marketing in current market environment, new ways to keep ahead of regulation and ensure compliance of business process, and hear common sense advice for managing more rigorous due diligence processes and meeting demands from investors for greater transparency.

Speakers will also discuss the new operating models adopted to build a cost-effective and efficient post-trade operation and one that is capable of managing growth that is just around the corner. This event is for all hedge funds interested in learning how to succeed in 2010 in the new market landscape.

Moderated by: Julia Schieffer, Founder & Editor in Chief, DerivSource

Rich Godfrey, Chief Operating Officer, Raven Rock Capital
Justin B. Perun, President, Bull and Bear Capital, LLC
Amy Bensted, Managing Analyst – Hedge Funds, Preqin Ltd.

Key topics include:

• Capital Raising – how hedge funds should be raising capital in today’s market? Where are the opportunities? How to attract seed money?
• Marketing – is it better to use a marketing company to raise profiles and capital opportunities or should you hire an internal marketing manager? Which strategy is better for today’s environment?
• Due Diligence – what does due diligence mean in today’s market conditions? How are investors evaluating funds in terms of risk management and transparency of information? What are the new ways to satisfy due diligence requirements and what will investors want next?
• Investors needs in today’s market – what do institutional investors want from hedge funds? What are their new needs and how can hedge funds better cater to their needs to capture their business?
• Regulation – what is expected to come into place and how will new rules affect hedge funds and their current processes and procedures?
• Investor Services – what do investors want in a report? What does a new report look like and what is standard in today’s market?
• Operating costs – how to build a business platform that is scalable but low cost?
• Transparency – product pricing and independent valuations are now important part of due diligence reviews. How are funds managing this new demand for transparency of pricing?
• Eye on 2010 – predictions for 2010 and how new trends will affect the health and prosperity of hedge funds in the next 18 months?