Digital Assets Report


Topics to be covered include but are not limited to: 
• Overview of the CLO Market: Performance During the Downturn, Today and Trends Going Forward 
• Lessons Learned Coming out of the Credit Crisis 
• CLO Technology as a Capital Management and Funding Tool for Banks 
• Regulatory Challenges and Hurdles (Dodd Frank, Volker Rules, Rule 122a, Basel 3, the SMI and Solvency II) 
• New Accounting Rules and Secondary Rules (REG AB and the 144a Market) 
• Tools for Conducting Investor Analysis and Due Diligence 
• Rating Agency Perspectives 
• Legal and Structural Considerations: Improvements Made from Pre-2007 Vintages 
• Investor Views on CLOs: Interest/Concerns/Value Proposition 
• Assessing Underlying Loan Performance 
• CLO Manager Perspectives 
• New Issue Prospects and Secondary Market Activity