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 Join us at our full-day conference in New York City from The Capital Roundtable — “Private Equity Investing in Middle-Market Agribusiness Companies.”

The seats were filled at our agribusiness investing conference this past January, and this follow-up event is your opportunity to hear all-NEW content.
The conference will provide a double dose of knowledge and insight, with two co-chairs at the helm.
Michelle Brooks is a managing principal of Arlon Group, a food and agriculture-focused investment firm initially founded and capitalized by the Continental Grain Company.
James B. Wood is senior vice president and chief strategy officer for Clemens Family Corp., a private agribusiness company with over $750 million in revenue.
You’ll also hear from 20 other experienced speakers including top senior middle-market GPs, LPs, bankers, lenders, and other industry experts.  Their interests include protein production & processing. Farm & aquaculture equipment.  Transportation & logistics.  Fertilizers, fish oils, & specialty chemicals.  Vegetable & fruit seeds.  And land & crop management.
Topics will include which factors will be driving the sector throughout 2012 and 2013… how agribusiness companies can best respond to this decade’s challenges… and the excellent niches where you can make your mark, such as wild-catch seafood as opposed to factory-farmed.